weapon (melee)

Provides access to the War Purview, and provides a +2 to Accuracy.


Dílleachta-Déantóir is an immense double-headed axe in the ancient Greek style (i.e. a labrys). The Dagda won this labrys off of Ares himself in a game of Ludus latrunculorum, much to Ares’ chagrin. Once called “Κάντε ορϕανά” and decorated with classical Greek motifs, The Dagda gleefully defaced the axe with Gaelic script and redubbed it Dílleachta-Déantóir, mostly to piss Ares off further. Apparently, the axe had been earmarked for one of Ares’ children, and Ares was not too thrilled with losing it to The Dagda, and was especially irritated when The Dagda gave it to Déclán.

On one occasion, an agent of the Greek God of War tried to liberate the birthright from Déclán’s hands. An American-born Scion of Ares named Cosmo Papadopoulos had the audacity to challenge Déclán to a drinking contest. To this day, Cosmo can’t get near stout ale without becoming slightly nauseated.


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