The Heroes' Homestead

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The Heroes purchased a large plot of land among some farmsteads well outside of Galway and converted it to a base of operations. The land was very useful: it wasn’t too far from Ballyvaughan town and all it had to offer, with Galway an additional hour away; it was rural enough to have the privacy the lads needed; it had a node of power on it, a gateway to Tír na nÓg; and the large barn could fit Déclán’s plane and could easily be outfitted with a bunker for all the professional equipment the boys required for their job.

Old growth forest covers most of the land. A stream which empties in the nearby ocean borders one side of the land.

The Farmhouse

The Barn

The Bunker

The Gate to Tír na nÓg

The Heroes' Homestead

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