Déclán ó Conghaile

Soldier-of-Fortune, Scion of The Dagda



XP Spent: 28

2013.09.14 – 3 points, New Ability (Control: Boats)
2014.01.18 – 10 points, New Epic Attribute (Wits)
2014.03.01 – 3 points, Favored Ability Increase (Throw from 2 to 3)
2014.03.15 – 12 points, Attribute Increase (Stamina from 3 to 4)

Total XP: 40


Déclán ó Conghaile was the fourth child of seven, with three older brothers and three younger sisters. His parents, Eamonn and Fionnula, ran a small inn in Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, and his father was an abusive drunk, often beating the children for the most minor of offences. Déclán was always a problem child, often getting into fights in the schoolyard and quickly learning to out-fight his older brothers, too. At the tender age of 12, he finally had it out with his abusive father and beat Eamonn up so badly he had to be sent to hospital, telling the old man that if he laid one more hand on any of the kids, Déclán would end him once and for all.

Déclán wasn’t a good student. He much preferred playing football and not being cooped up inside. He barely passed primary school, and he had a horrible time of it during secondary school. He always got into scraps, and his temperament got him in trouble all the time. One day, he finally went too far and beat up a teacher, which got him kicked out of school.

For the next couple of years he started getting involved with some local roughs and became a minor player in the criminal scene. He loved scrapping, and his skill at it quickly made him a much sought-after enforcer. He had no allegiances, though, and basically did whatever he thought was fun or interesting at the time. One day, he was caught in the middle between two opposing gangs, and a massive rumble set off, leading to Déclán’s inevitable arrest. He was thrown into the local gaol to cool his heels.

The night he spent in gaol changed his life. He was visited by a very imposing man who seemed to be a police captain. The man unlocked the cell, walked in and sat next to Déclán. After some posturing and lecturing about how Déclán was wasting his life with this petty crap, the man burst into booming laughter and revealed himself as Déclán’s real father, The Dagda. Déclán was the son of one of the Tuatha Dé Danann! His father gifted him with a birthright necklace of The Dagda’s symbol, Uaithne, giving him access to the power of a Scion. Everything suddenly began to make sense, Déclán’s whole life, his very purpose became clear: he was a Scion of The Dagda, and his father’s enemies would be crushed by his hand!

Déclán finally gained focus. He powered through what was left of secondary school to obtain his leaving certificate, before bidding his family farewell as he shoved off to join the Irish Army (giving Eamonn one last reinforcing threat before leaving). In boot camp, Déclán met Cearul, and the two hit it off famously, and in fact, it seemed that Déclán’s Legend spurred Cearul’s own blood to make itself known, that he was a Scion of The Morrigan. Déclán quickly showed himself to be fearless in combat, earning respect for his battle tactics. At the same time, he was horrible with following orders, often getting reprimanded for insubordination. But his battle record was unparalleled. In his tours through Lebanon, Chad, Somalia, and Afghanistan, he was decorated multiple times for bravery.

After a few years, the two Scions left the military. As a graduation present of sorts, The Dagda gave Déclán a second birthright, the fearsome labrys Dílleachta-Déantóir, which became Déclán’s weapon of choice. The Scions joined up with G4S, the private military contractor, and they had dozens of successful missions working for them, Déclán carrying his battle-axe with him everywhere he went.

After a few years at G4S, the two Scions quit and became independent soldiers-of-fortune. Though they still often subcontracted with G4S, the lads worked jobs around the world (often using Déclán’s truck and plane) for a variety of clients, while at the same time tending to the business of the Tuatha Dé Danann where they could.

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Déclán ó Conghaile

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