Scion: Ireland

Session 7

XP: 5

Cearul and Déclán prepared their trusty Stinson 108-3 for the flight back to their Irish homestead. Believing Robey McRoberstein was connected to the Greek Titan Prometheus, Déclán left a message for his past acquaintance Cosmo, Scion of Ares, to learn more about the mysterious Titan and how he may be involved in the construction of weapons wielded by the servants of Crom Cruach and Surtr. Cosmo returned Déclán’s call and a visit to Cosmo’s home in Mexico City was arranged. Cearul and Déclán landed at home. Shamefaced, Zin’th greeted them. Déclán learned the Trog visited Benny and Carol and was told potted plants in a home are OK. Déclán feigned anger and allowed the Lizard to keep this single plant. Zin’th showed off her newly-learned cooking skills, although the misc. bird egg omelet was discouraged. Cearul arranged a flight from Dublin to Mexico City with a stopover at Miami for the next day. The neighbor showed up at their door to collect the bet that Zin’th made in support of Déclán’s team, who had lost.

Cearul, Déclán and Zin’th drove to the airport, boarded their flight and took their business class seats. The flight was smooth until Cearul looked up as he heard a child’s voice say, “Father says hello.” Cearul saw a platinum blonde pale skinned boy, about eleven years old, pointing a pistol at his face. The boy pulled the trigger, but faster yet, Cearul twisted the boy’s arm and the shot went into the floor. The passengers erupted in screams and yells. Cearul tumbled out of his seat, behind the boy and with a twist, the pistol flied from the boy’s hand. The boy, with an unnatural bend, kicked the pistol from the air and it landed in his other hand. Déclán reached over and clasped the boy’s tiny hand with his massive meathook and tore the pistol out of his grip. Déclán quickly dismantled the pistol and scattered its parts beneath the passenger seats.

Cearul’s solid punch spun the boy’s head. The child dissolved into worms, which fell from Cearul’s unbreakable lock. As they dropped onto the floor, they burrowed into the metal and out of sight. Pandemonium reigned as the surrounding passengers shouted “Gun!”, accusing Cearul of hitting the child, and bewildered gasps from those who witnessed a boy turn into a pile of worms. A single commanding voice from behind yelled, “Air Marshal, hands up and on your knees!” Cearul and Déclán complied and the marshal cuffed Cearul. Déclán, drawing on his heritage, exuded a wave of confidence and calm. The panicked passengers quieted. Déclán, believing the Magot-boy would sabotage the plane, convinced the air marshal, named Solomon Jean, that the boy must have escaped and must be found. Déclán and Solomon raced to the front of the airliner and down into galley storage. A bulkhead door stood between Déclán and where the worms burned their way into baggage. With a single punch, Déclán opened the pressure door. The plane bucked with the sudden depressurization and weightlessness as the pilot descended and oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. Cearul used this distraction to free himself from the handcuffs, and with Zin’th, joined Déclán and Solomon in the baggage compartment.

Déclán saw where the worms burrowed through the floor and then noticed metal flooring had been pulled up. The space beneath the floor was small enough for the child. In the distance, a hydraulic whining began. Déclán identified the sound as the main hydraulics. He moved farther into the hold until he heard the spot of the noise and pulled up more flooring. Small pale feet were seen, with the rest of the boy’s body disappearing under the flooring. Hydraulic oil gushed around the piping from the boy’s sabotage. Déclán grabbed the boy’s foot, and with a mighty yank pulled off the entire leg, but the other foot disappeared from sight deeper into the airliner’s mechanics. Déclán tore the final piece of bulkhead free before the boy was entirely within the jetliner’s wing. Déclán grabbed the boy by the thigh, pulled him free, then slammed his little body over and over against the bulkhead, finally folding him in half again and again until it broke and dissolved into grey goo.

Déclán pinched the hydraulic leak shut. Solomon looked on in disbelief but Cearul and Déclán convinced him the low oxygen was causing him to see things that were not there, and that the boy was still loose on the jetliner. The air marshal told Cearul to watch the aft, and Déclán to watch the fore of the baggage hold. Déclán helped himself to a bag of miniature liquor bottles.

The jetliner landed. Cearul and Déclán were interviewed by the FBI. The eyewitnesses swore that they saw a boy turn into worms, but Cearul and Déclán behaved in a supernatural fashion and all was eventually attributed to low oxygen. Cearul and Déclán were dubbed the “Heroes of Flight 1304” by the media. That night, while Cearul and Zin’th slept, Déclán entertained his fans in the hotel’s bar.

The flight to Mexico City was uneventful. Nick Owens, Cosmo’s driver, picked them up and drove them to the home. Cosmo greeted them, then led them into his office to catch up. Cearul noticed Cosmo’s collection of weapons, especially a katana. Cosmo explained they are all weapons present in a battle which changed the world. The katana’s name is Foebinder. It was wielded by Minamoto no Yoritomo, who was portrayed in many stories as being the son of Hachiman, the Japanese god of war. Bored to tears, Déclán accepted Nick’s offer to go watch a local football game. Later, Cearul and Déclán joined Cosmo, his executive assistant (and Scion to Fate Clotho) Mariela Barile, Nick and Zin’th for dinner. The dinner was prepared by his cook, Nita Strate, and served by her husband and butler, Garfield Creviston. While recounting their adventures to date, Déclán unwittingly mentioned that he and Cearul were the reason the Worms of the Earth invaded the Troglodytes’ home on their property. Stunned, Zin’th accused Cearul and Déclán of lying to the Trogs and causing many deaths. Angrily, Déclán countered that he and Cearul saved the Trog’s home. Zin’th stormed from the dinner. Cosmo expressed disbelief regarding Cearul and Déclán’s theory on Prometheus’s involvement. It ran counter to all he knows about Prometheus, but agreed to help them find a prophet; a mortal servant of Prometheus, for a price.

The nearby town of Dos Aguas was at war with a drug cartel called Arrikhan’s Warriors and led by a mysterious man known as El Gorilla. Until recently, Arrikhan’s Warriors controlled the copper smelting plant in the town. The residents of Dos Aguas gathered together and formed The Defense. The Defense fought and defeated Arrikhan’s Warriors and drove them from the town. Arrikhan’s Warriors began planning a revenge attack. Mariela “saw” that Arrikhan’s Warriors had recently formed an alliance with an unknown titanspawn, which could not be allowed. When Cearul and Déclán defeat the titanspawn, Cosmo will provide them a way to contact a prophet of Prometheus.



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