Scion: Ireland

Session 6

XP: 5

Cearul and Déclán landed in their trusty Stinson 108-3 at the Aeropuerto de Girona in Spain, intending to investigate the coordinates bought with their friend’s life that showed a Count Magot-owned laboratory in the Principality of Andorra. They stowed their gear in a rented Land rover and headed out.

Arriving near the Gray Mobility Systems grounds and buildings, they reconnoitered the area. Seeing the number of guards and employees, they decided to wait until dark after most of the employees left. While waiting, they watched as a Boeing model 234 tandem-rotor helicopter landed on the largest building. Two figures resembling Alexander and Unser Magot exited the helicopter and were met by a third robed figure. The three of them entered the building.

Acting on an idea just crazy enough to work, Déclán left and returned with two rented hanggliders. Together, Cearul and Déclán leapt off the hillside and glided towards the laboratory roof; Cearul with the grace of a hawk and Déclán with the effort of a summer-fattened goose.

Cearul landed and timed his momentum perfectly to release his snaps and roll into the helicopter’s main cabin. Three guards, who were sitting at a table, looked up in surprise and two died before they could draw their weapons. Déclán landed hard, tearing himself free of the straps and aluminum framing of the glider, then bullrushed into the cabin to finish off the third guard and sweep the lovely stewardess off her feet and into his arms. Déclán then brusquely choked the shocked stewardess unconscious before helping himself to the well-stocked bar. Cearul’s quick search of the helicopter showed no one else, but also revealed one of the three dead was the pilot.

Cearul and Déclán entered the building and carefully made their way to the basement. They disabled the emergency generators and shut off the building’s power. Cearul and Déclán ambushed and killed several pairs of guards investigating the power loss. Déclán wiped out a group of guards entering through the front door, while Cearul dropped another pair of guards down a hallway. Cearul discovered an area of the lab under power.

Cearul and Déclán moved into this new area and decided that the large double doors at the end of this new hall were most interesting. Déclán brashly kicked open the doors before looking in, and the pair were confronted by old enemies and an unknown robed man. Fire giants and armed guards flanked Alexander and Unser Magot, and the robed man stood with tall statues of two perfect men and one woman. Between the two groups was a Soviet T-72 tank, with its turreted main gun already turning towards Cearul and Déclán.

The robed figure called out, “Scions! A perfect test for the weapon.” Déclán sensed this man had a greater Legend than him, but not near to the levels of The Dagda. Cearul dove right into the room as the tank’s main gun erupted in flame. At the same moment, Déclán picked up a drum of sand and hurled it at the tank’s screaming cannon-shell. The drum deflected the tank’s round, and its detonation shredded the wall and ceiling high over Déclán’s head. All mortal guards were knocked to the ground and deafened.

Using the smoke as cover, Déclán leapt up onto the catwalks. Somehow, the tank sensed Déclán and begins to raise its main gun. Cearul ran past the Magots and the fire giants, drawing their attention. Another tank blast blew part of the catwalk through the roof as Déclán leapt onto the tank only to discover the hatch was welded shut, but he noticed that on the hatch was the same symbol as the fire giant’s weapons. The giants drew their glowing blades, and the Magots each found an automatic weapon. While the giants pursued Cearul, the Magots laughed and haphazardly fired their weapons at him. The machine gun on the tank’s turret unexpectedly aimed and fired without a hand on its trigger, forcing Declan to dodge its bullets. Déclán threw an axe at Robey McRoberstien and one of the statues knocked it from the air. Cearul drew the giants apart, reversed his movement and dove back, wounding the nearest giant. Drawing on an inner reserve of power, Déclán swung his mighty axe onto the tank’s main gun barrel. The barrel was slightly dented. The second giant moved, in but Cearul was Untouchable. Cearul wounded another giant, but was unable to bring it down. Unable to hit Déclán, the turret rotated towards Cearul. In a moment of frozen time, the giants, Cearul and Robey McRoberstien were within the tank’s firing arch as smoke and flame erupted from its barrel. When the smoke cleared, the fire giants were bits of bloody flesh and the pockmarked statues protected Robey McRoberstien. Cearul was untouched. The damaged tank barrel failed, and a backblast knocked Déclán to the ground.

Cearul and Déclán took in the situation: the tank was unarmed; the fire giants were all dead; Robey McRoberstien still yelling his hatred of Scions; and then Alexander and Unser Magot tossed away their smoking weapons and advanced on the pair.

Cearul leapt into the catwalks. Unser followed him, pulling his familiar daggers from his belt. Alexander shed his clothing like shedding a layer of skin while he moved towards Déclán. Cearul and Unser dueled over and under the catwalks like water over stones. Déclán raised his axe as a nude Alexander strode towards him, when suddenly Alexander’s legs detached from his torso, one arm flew free, and the remaining torso, arm and head fell to the ground. Each limb rolled, leaped and launched itself at Déclán. Déclán was speechless.

Meanwhile, Cearul wounded Unser and forced him to his knees. Cearul moved in for the kill but didn’t see Unser’s ploy; Cearul’s right-handed dagger was disarmed but Unser was unable to stop the left hand. It struck deep, and Unser dissolved into goo and dripped through the catwalk on to the floor below. Déclán flailed as fists, jaws and feet bit and battered him from all sides. Grabbing an arm, Déclán beat the torso into goo and threw a leg under the treads of the rolling tank, totally crushing it. The pieces of Alexander dissolved into goo, expect for the arm, which continued to flail and claw. Déclán put the arm into a sack and tied it up.

Cearul and Déclán grouped up while Robey McRoberstien silently glared at them. The tank moved on its tracks, making an effort to run the Scions down. Robey McRoberstien picked up several canisters then used a cell phone appearing device and moments later the tank stopped and heavy black smoke poured from beneath it. Déclán picked up one canister. Cearul and Déclán leaped into the catwalk and out the hole in the roof into the helicopter. They saw law enforcement lights in the distance, and the perimeter guards had surrounded the building on all sides. Déclán puzzled out the helicopter controls and they took off. From the building below, they saw a vehicle burst through a wall and make a leap into the air, which took it far out of sight. It looked like the three marble statues had melded together and formed into a four-legged, four-armed vehicle. Robey McRoberstien sat in the vehicle.

Realizing that they couldn’t fly off in the helicopter, they intentionally crashed it into a nearby hillside. Cearul and Déclán snuck back to their Land Rover and drove off. New questions were raised. Who was the Robed Man? How was he related to Prometheus? What were the Magots and Robey McRoberstien going to do with more of those tanks?

One of Déclán’s old rivals may be the only one who knows some of the answers – Cosmo Papadopoulos, Scion of Ares.



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