Scion: Ireland

Session 5

XP: 5

Cearul and Déclán returned to the South Warren to Trog warriors’ cheers. They learned that after they left to kill the Queen, additional massive worms burst forth from the walls and floor, leading to a desperate battle. Scouts returned with news that the West Warren was overrun with many casualties, while the Water Well and Ley Line had successfully repelled the foul enemies.

Cearul and Déclán checked on each of the debtors. Abban bore cuts and bruises, and was found dozing behind some rubble. Cheryl used her budding powers to summon an elemental of earth to provide healing herbs to the wounded. She told Cearul and Déclán that Liz’th requested that she stay behind to study as an acolyte. Bree was found sitting next to a badly wounded Oscar. Ben Smith, real name Monty Cogan, had demanded to leave the warrens and had been escorted out.

Cearul and Déclán spent hours helping the Trogs clear rubble, gathering the dead, and lending energy to Liz’th to assist her in the cleansing of the Ley Line. Liz’th presented Cearul and Déclán with a geode, telling them to break it open if they were to ever need her help. She also requested that Cearul and Déclán take a Trog with them as a pledge to serve them for 13 new moons. They chose Zin’th, a shaman acolyte.

Cearul and Déclán and the remaining debtors left the warrens. Oscar was taken to hospital and Abban left for home. Zin’th, cloaked in the seeming of a young woman, was introduced to the Scion’s home, where fish-out-of-water hilarity occurred: the Scions do not sleep in a pile, Zin’th gets her own room; bedrooms do not need nests of branches and dirt, Zin’th sleeps in a bed; things do not belong to everyon, yet Zin’th went into Cearul’s bedroom, found a handgun, and accidentally put a hole in the wall.

Cearul and Déclán discussed things with Red Robert and decided that he may stay and work for them. They gave him some cash and a way to order his materials to begin work with his forge. Déclán asked Robert to make a spear for Zin’th, and Déclán asked him to design a better throwing axe. Robert requested that he be able to use the fire giant’s sword as a means of self defense, if needed, and makes a discovery about it. By investing a bit of his own energy into the sword, the blade glowed a deep red and was able to cut through stone and metal with ease. Cearul, Déclán and Robert noted the forger’s mark on the blade and wondered what it meant.

Cearul and Déclán researched Monty Cogan, intent on helping the Walsh brothers get their mine back. Cearul and Déclán learned that Monty, along with his deceased partner Joshua Small, owned Silver Apex mines in nearby Toorard. At the mine, Cearul and Déclán met Dann Ohearn and Jim Moncayo and learned that Monty shut down the mine and laid off the workers. Cearul and Déclán offered employment to the unemployed pair and the other workers. The offer was accepted.

With the pair’s help, Cearul and Déclán tracked Monty down to his flat in Galway. They found Monty already packed, intending to head to Dublin to get away from this crazy area. With measured intimidation, Cearul and Déclán convinced Monty to sell the mine at a reduced price. Their lawyer Abraham Goldbaum helped speed the sale along. Monty was then escorted to the airport and put on the next flight out of Ireland.

Cearul and Déclán decided to investigate the laptop computer. Lacking the necessary skills to crack the laptop’s security, they each contacted a colleague from G4S. Cearul’s contact Garry Safer did not respond, while Déclán’s contact Bunny Maychin did answer. Déclán arranged to meet Bunny in London. The pair flew in Déclán’s Stinson 108-3 to London and took a cab to the Grazing Goat. Bunny arrived with her cousin and roommate Rachael Drennen. After a nice dinner, they returned to Bunny’s flat and each had an evening of intimacy.

The following morning, Rachael left for work and Cearul, Déclán and Bunny got down to business. Déclán was watching the match and Cearul was watching over Bunny’s shoulder when she exclaimed, “I almost have it,” when the laptop’s screen exploded, plastering the top of Bunny’s head against the wall. Cearul and Déclán were shocked and stunned but recovered and called emergency services, intending on playing ignorant. A single bit of information was visible on the ruined screen before the laptop died: 42-34-15-01/1-43-25-17. The police arrived and interviewed Cearul and Déclán and asked them to wait in the patrol car.

A familiar G4S face appeared and spoke to the officer. Cearul and Déclán were released into the care of Grady Krol, G4S internal affairs. Grady tookthem to a nearby pub and assessed the situation. Cearul and Déclán assured Grady that G4S was not involved. Grady told them to keep a low profile and be available, then he left.

Cearul and Déclán look up the numbers (42-34-15-01/1-43-25-17) and learned that they were coordinates to a Gray Mobility Systems (a Count Alexander Magot owned business) laboratory in Andorra. They made preparations to fly there in order to investigate what it was that cost Bunny Maychin her life.



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