Scion: Ireland

Session 3

XP: 5

The pale frightened woman was Erin Becket, one of Robert’s nearby neighbors. Shaking with shock and panic, she told the group a large white wolf took her son from his room, then said to her in English that her son would die unless the “fast one” staying with Robert came to fight him, tooth against knife.

Robert comforted Erin while Cearul and Déclán drove to her house. Cearul leapt on to the roof while Déclán searched the inside of the house and helped himself to some beer. Cearul saw a thick hedge on the back of the property and jumped down to investigate. Déclán made himself a sandwich and checked out the boy’s bedroom.

Through an opening in the hedge, Cearul saw the wolf holding the boy over the lip of a well. The wolf dropped the boy and ducked out of sight behind the well. Cearul leapt into the well, believing the boy may drown in the well’s water. Cearul was surprised when the boy’s head came off in his hands, revealing the wolf duped him with a dummy. With a rain of debris and an overhead crash, the wolf pushed a heavy rock over the well’s opening.

Déclán heard the crash and darted to the backyard. Seeing the unusual sight of a boulder over the remains of a well, he threw the heavy boulder away and avoided the wolf’s leaping attack. Now facing both Cearul and Déclán, the wolf tried an escape jump past Déclán but was not quick enough, and Déclán eviscerated it with a single swipe of Dílleachta-Déantóir. The dying wolf’s leap took it through the hedge where Cearul found its body, and he cut off its head. Cearul and Déclán took the wolf’s paws and hide. Cearul easily tracked the boy’s scent to a nearby cave where he avoided a grenade trap. The boy, Travis, was freed and returned to his mother at Robert’s house.

Cearul and Déclán agreed to let Red Robert stay at their house a short time while he decided what to do next. Soon after arriving home, Déclán’s phone rang. The Dagda asked the boys if they’d like a good fight and maybe a little B&E. He told them to bring €10K to Donnybrook in Dublin. Cearul and Déclán geared up and met the Dagda at the appointed place.

The Dagda took them to the grand Magot House as he explained how Count Alexander Magot and his son Unser had taken over the Dublin underground boxing scene and were rigging fights. Boys from one of the Dagda’s sponsored gyms, Spartan Boxing, have been badly hurt. The Dagda tells Déclán he will box in a match while Cearul breaks or bluffs (as Unser has a love of sharp knives) his way into Count Magot’s office and steals money from his safe.

The group enters the Magot House grounds and is led to the greenhouse-cum—boxing arena. Cearul and Déclán see the spectators and boxers are criminal, Scanger-types and a few legend-radiating formorians. The Dagda comments offhandedly not to worry, as he was preventing anyone from seeing their true legendary natures, and that neither of them should reveal their own natures until “the time was right.”

Cearul decided to use Unser Magot’s love of unique knives to arrange a meeting where he will feign an interest in selling or buying knives. Déclán is fighting in round three against the Dragon. The Dragon is a fighter who has hurt most of the boxers. The Dagda says the Dragon’s opponents are not “right” after their fights. Cearul is led to meet with Unser in his father’s office. They talk about their lives; Cearul talks about his military career and states he may be available for hire. Unser tests Cearul’s knowledge and skill with knives by showing inferior blades. Cearul tells Unser to bring out the real knives.

Meanwhile, Déclán and the Dragon took the ring and round three begins. In the first round, Déclán took the Dragon’s heaviest hits and stood steady. In the second round, Déclán turned to showboating and won over the spectators and succeeded against the Dragon, landing more hits. Déclán ended the second round with a massive blow against the Dragon sending him back on his heels.

Round three began with Déclán continuing to win over the crowd with his underdog stubbornness, while the Dragon’s demeanor changed from anger to a smug satisfaction. The Dragon’s tattoos unexpectedly glowed in an ugly green and Déclán felt his mind being pulled away from his body. Heeding his father’s wishes, he didn’t resist and found himself standing in a dirty alleyway of a foreign metropolis. The Dragon assaulted Déclán’s mind with images of dying unacknowledged in battle against the Titans. Déclán shrugged off his deepest fear and took control of the nightmare realm. Déclán overwhelmed the titanspawn and his consciousness returned to the boxing ring. There is no question to any present what he was, anymore.

Meanwhile, Cearul maneuvered Unser to a vulnerable position and launched his surprise attack. The two duelled with their knives’ around the office, with Unser taking several minor wounds while Cearul remained untouched. Unser made an unexpected call to the antique armor to defend him. The armor moved, stepping down from its pedestal, revealing mini guns in its arms and opened fire. Cearul evaded this additional foe as the office’s interior was shredded by bullets. Cearul struck Unser a mortal wound. Unser dissolved into a puddle of grey goo.

The Dragon charged Déclán and Déclán hit him hard enough to send him flying through the far glass wall of the outhouse. Alexander Magot stood and shouted “Scion!”. Déclán charged Alexander but was delayed by minions. A tremendous roar and explosion from the parking lot caused everyone to duck and scatter as asphalt, stone and cars began to rain down on the house and boxing ring. Through the dusts and smoke, a massive white wyrm was seem towering over the ruins of the parking lot, having burst from the ground beneath it. From the smoke, the Dagda leapt onto the wyrm’s back wielding a midsized car in each hand yelling, “This one is mine, boyo! You get that one!”

Cearul dodged the armor’s grenade launchers, retrieved the items from the safe as the house shook and shuddered from car impacts and leaped out of the window.

The Dragon pulled his bloodied body from the rubble and charged Déclán. Déclán finished off the Dragon as Alexander Magot approached him. Déclán charged Alexander, who exploded in a mass of white maggots covering Déclán. Déclán fell to the ground rolling in the burning rubble to dislodge the burrowing maggots.

The wyrm bellowed a dying roar as it fell across the remains of the boxing ring and the Magot House. Déclán and Cearul headed towards the truck, meeting a grinning and dirty Dagda. The three of them hastened away before the authorities arrived. They found a familiar pub nearby for food and drink.

Returning home the next day, the boys puttered around the house, checking messages (none), beer (plenty) and sports scores. That night while watching television, they saw a bat fly into the living room, then upstairs. They followed it into Déclán’s bedroom, where it landed on a table. Dismounting from the bat were two tiny upright lizard-people. Speaking in Gaelic, they said, “Caretakers of the glade and surrounding lands, we request your help.”



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