Scion: Ireland

Session 2

XP: 5

Cearul McKenna and Déclán ó Conghaile are headed north following the instructions of the Dagda to investigate the three killings in the County Galway near the village of Oakfield. A fire giant is suspected. They happen on a funeral procession and decide to pay their respects to the deceased. Following them to a home, they introduce themselves to the people. They learn the dead family is the O’Deas and killed in a car crash nearby – father, mother and one son. Their second son Barry was not in the car. During the wake, Cearul overhears a man named Oscar speaking with the Father. Oscar tells how walking home that night from the pub he witnessed the fiery Devil himself rising from the ground to throw the O’Deas’ car from the road and down the hillside. Cearul talks Oscar down before he makes a bigger scene. Déclán befriends the orphaned Barry and encourages his growing strength to make his deceased father proud. Having learned the location of the car wreck, they leave.

Cearul and Déclán find the burned out car wreck and immediately notice suspicious signs. The tire skid marks show the car was attempting to go in reverse and the hillside slope is not steel enough for the number of times the car rolled. Three individual giant sized footprints are seen in the area and moving off parallel to the road. The scions follow and see the prints end at the tire tracks of a large dual wheeled vehicle. A Gardai vehicle with its sirens on flies by and spurs them to follow it.

The Gardai leads them to a house fire near Pollagh. Cearul and Déclán leap into action. Cearul circles the house, finds a car with burned bodies in it, the home’s fuel tank torn from its foundation and then sees the flames completely surrounds the house on all sides They both hear cries of help from the home’s second floor. Déclán clears away a boulder blocking the front door. Cearul leaps into an upper window and escorts three children downstairs. The kids tell Cearul their brother is scared, armed and hiding from the ‘big men’. Cearul returns upstairs to find the remaining kid. Déclán, hearing a crash nearby, finds a burning tree has fallen on the house. He throws the tree away. Cearul finds the kid as Déclán leaps through the window into the same room. Together, they convince the shotgun wielding child they are not his enemies. The kid runs down stairs and outside and the two of them follow. Cearul and Déclán overheard the kids talking to the Gardai saying the men who started the fire were ‘bigger than Red Robert”. They find the three familiar giant sized prints outside the house and follow them to the same truck tire tracks near the road. Cearul and Déclán get their truck and drive on towards Oakfield but arrive in Upper Dangan first.

Upper Dangan is a small village with the usual food and feed store, petrol station and pub. Déclán enters the pub Amber House for a quick drink and asks the bartender about Red Robert. The bartender relates Red Robert is the local smith and is well liked by the townsfolk. He gives Déclán directions to Red Robert’s house nearby. Cearul and Déclán drive there.

Red Robert’s property shows a house, smaller barn with a horse wagon outside and a larger modern barn with smoke rising from its chimney. Cearul circles the area and finds nothing suspicious. Déclán knocks on the barn door. Red Robert answers. They engage in tense conversation with the scions making it clear they suspect him of the local deaths. Cearul notices to his surprised the ghost of an adolescent girl perches on Red Robert’s shoulder. Their conversation is interrupted by three fire giants revealing themselves and calling challenge from the top of the driveway. The lead giant quips “And the time is now.” as a whump is heard in the distance. Armed with massive swords, the giants charge.

Cearul moves towards the house pursued by the giantess swinging her flaming braided hair while Déclán meets the charge head on with thrown axes. Robert braces himself. Two of the giants engage Déclán and Robert in hand to hand combat. Cearul moves behind the house firing his weapons while the pursuing giantess leaps onto its roof. Cearul reverse his direction and joins Déclán and the giantess follows. The tangle of fists, feet and axes shows the three giants are focused on killing Robert the “traitor”. Combined with Robert’s willingness to fight as a team, gives the edge to Cearul and Déclán who chip away and cut the three giants to the ground, killing them all. Cearul’s ravens return warning him of three more giants in Oakfield. The three of them jump into the truck and head towards the town.

The petrol station is an inferno. Robert jumps from the truck and engages the fire giant at the fiery petrol station. Déclán goes through a giant-sized hole in the pub. Cearul move to higher ground on a house to use his sniper rifle. Déclán engages a giant within the pub. The giant swings a bar at him and he dodges. The giant then tears the second floor supports attempting to bury Déclán within the rubble. Déclán deftly moves free of the rubble and downs the giant with his axe. Cearul is warned at the last moment by his ravens, barely dodging the attack from a massive white wolf. Cearul and the wolf play cat and mouse across the house’s roof and inside before Cearul avoids the wolf’s trap using the home’s natural gas stove. Déclán downs a human minion with an axe. Seeing another fire giant dozens of yards away, he picks up a full keg of beer and lobs towards the giant taking her down. Robert has killed the fire giant at the petrol station. The white wolf is nowhere to be seen.

Cearul and Déclán help the arriving Gardai and fire tenders with the wounded. Despite all the damage and gun fire, only a single fire tender driver was killed. Cearul comments to Robert about the ghost on his shoulder. Robert turns pale, wide eyed and runs off towards his house without a word. Cearul and Déclán follow. Over hours of conversation, it is revealed Red Robert is actually Rurbur of the Molten Skewer Clan. He betrayed his clan and his lord Surtr. After years of serving his lord faithfully, it was on a mission that he slew the little sister of a scion that he realized he no longer wanted part of the death and destruction. He left the clan, hid, and ran and then found a home in Upper Dangan to live in anonymity. Now, with the knowledge the little girl is with him, Robert wonders if his change of heart was from within himself or from the girl and what will happen if the girl’s ghost is banished. When questioned by Cearul, the ghost answers only “He is mine.” Robert says since the servants of Surtr found him, he will leave Upper Dangan as soon as possible and asks if he may accompany Cearul and Déclán.

Cearul and Déclán accept Red Robert’s offer for food and a room for the night. They eat and drink well into the night only to be interrupted by a knock on the barn door. It a pale frightened woman who says, “The white wolf has my son. He says he will meet the fast alone tooth against knife or my son dies.”



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