Scion: Ireland

Session 7
XP: 5

Cearul and Déclán prepared their trusty Stinson 108-3 for the flight back to their Irish homestead. Believing Robey McRoberstein was connected to the Greek Titan Prometheus, Déclán left a message for his past acquaintance Cosmo, Scion of Ares, to learn more about the mysterious Titan and how he may be involved in the construction of weapons wielded by the servants of Crom Cruach and Surtr. Cosmo returned Déclán’s call and a visit to Cosmo’s home in Mexico City was arranged. Cearul and Déclán landed at home. Shamefaced, Zin’th greeted them. Déclán learned the Trog visited Benny and Carol and was told potted plants in a home are OK. Déclán feigned anger and allowed the Lizard to keep this single plant. Zin’th showed off her newly-learned cooking skills, although the misc. bird egg omelet was discouraged. Cearul arranged a flight from Dublin to Mexico City with a stopover at Miami for the next day. The neighbor showed up at their door to collect the bet that Zin’th made in support of Déclán’s team, who had lost.

Cearul, Déclán and Zin’th drove to the airport, boarded their flight and took their business class seats. The flight was smooth until Cearul looked up as he heard a child’s voice say, “Father says hello.” Cearul saw a platinum blonde pale skinned boy, about eleven years old, pointing a pistol at his face. The boy pulled the trigger, but faster yet, Cearul twisted the boy’s arm and the shot went into the floor. The passengers erupted in screams and yells. Cearul tumbled out of his seat, behind the boy and with a twist, the pistol flied from the boy’s hand. The boy, with an unnatural bend, kicked the pistol from the air and it landed in his other hand. Déclán reached over and clasped the boy’s tiny hand with his massive meathook and tore the pistol out of his grip. Déclán quickly dismantled the pistol and scattered its parts beneath the passenger seats.

Cearul’s solid punch spun the boy’s head. The child dissolved into worms, which fell from Cearul’s unbreakable lock. As they dropped onto the floor, they burrowed into the metal and out of sight. Pandemonium reigned as the surrounding passengers shouted “Gun!”, accusing Cearul of hitting the child, and bewildered gasps from those who witnessed a boy turn into a pile of worms. A single commanding voice from behind yelled, “Air Marshal, hands up and on your knees!” Cearul and Déclán complied and the marshal cuffed Cearul. Déclán, drawing on his heritage, exuded a wave of confidence and calm. The panicked passengers quieted. Déclán, believing the Magot-boy would sabotage the plane, convinced the air marshal, named Solomon Jean, that the boy must have escaped and must be found. Déclán and Solomon raced to the front of the airliner and down into galley storage. A bulkhead door stood between Déclán and where the worms burned their way into baggage. With a single punch, Déclán opened the pressure door. The plane bucked with the sudden depressurization and weightlessness as the pilot descended and oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. Cearul used this distraction to free himself from the handcuffs, and with Zin’th, joined Déclán and Solomon in the baggage compartment.

Déclán saw where the worms burrowed through the floor and then noticed metal flooring had been pulled up. The space beneath the floor was small enough for the child. In the distance, a hydraulic whining began. Déclán identified the sound as the main hydraulics. He moved farther into the hold until he heard the spot of the noise and pulled up more flooring. Small pale feet were seen, with the rest of the boy’s body disappearing under the flooring. Hydraulic oil gushed around the piping from the boy’s sabotage. Déclán grabbed the boy’s foot, and with a mighty yank pulled off the entire leg, but the other foot disappeared from sight deeper into the airliner’s mechanics. Déclán tore the final piece of bulkhead free before the boy was entirely within the jetliner’s wing. Déclán grabbed the boy by the thigh, pulled him free, then slammed his little body over and over against the bulkhead, finally folding him in half again and again until it broke and dissolved into grey goo.

Déclán pinched the hydraulic leak shut. Solomon looked on in disbelief but Cearul and Déclán convinced him the low oxygen was causing him to see things that were not there, and that the boy was still loose on the jetliner. The air marshal told Cearul to watch the aft, and Déclán to watch the fore of the baggage hold. Déclán helped himself to a bag of miniature liquor bottles.

The jetliner landed. Cearul and Déclán were interviewed by the FBI. The eyewitnesses swore that they saw a boy turn into worms, but Cearul and Déclán behaved in a supernatural fashion and all was eventually attributed to low oxygen. Cearul and Déclán were dubbed the “Heroes of Flight 1304” by the media. That night, while Cearul and Zin’th slept, Déclán entertained his fans in the hotel’s bar.

The flight to Mexico City was uneventful. Nick Owens, Cosmo’s driver, picked them up and drove them to the home. Cosmo greeted them, then led them into his office to catch up. Cearul noticed Cosmo’s collection of weapons, especially a katana. Cosmo explained they are all weapons present in a battle which changed the world. The katana’s name is Foebinder. It was wielded by Minamoto no Yoritomo, who was portrayed in many stories as being the son of Hachiman, the Japanese god of war. Bored to tears, Déclán accepted Nick’s offer to go watch a local football game. Later, Cearul and Déclán joined Cosmo, his executive assistant (and Scion to Fate Clotho) Mariela Barile, Nick and Zin’th for dinner. The dinner was prepared by his cook, Nita Strate, and served by her husband and butler, Garfield Creviston. While recounting their adventures to date, Déclán unwittingly mentioned that he and Cearul were the reason the Worms of the Earth invaded the Troglodytes’ home on their property. Stunned, Zin’th accused Cearul and Déclán of lying to the Trogs and causing many deaths. Angrily, Déclán countered that he and Cearul saved the Trog’s home. Zin’th stormed from the dinner. Cosmo expressed disbelief regarding Cearul and Déclán’s theory on Prometheus’s involvement. It ran counter to all he knows about Prometheus, but agreed to help them find a prophet; a mortal servant of Prometheus, for a price.

The nearby town of Dos Aguas was at war with a drug cartel called Arrikhan’s Warriors and led by a mysterious man known as El Gorilla. Until recently, Arrikhan’s Warriors controlled the copper smelting plant in the town. The residents of Dos Aguas gathered together and formed The Defense. The Defense fought and defeated Arrikhan’s Warriors and drove them from the town. Arrikhan’s Warriors began planning a revenge attack. Mariela “saw” that Arrikhan’s Warriors had recently formed an alliance with an unknown titanspawn, which could not be allowed. When Cearul and Déclán defeat the titanspawn, Cosmo will provide them a way to contact a prophet of Prometheus.

Session 6
XP: 5

Cearul and Déclán landed in their trusty Stinson 108-3 at the Aeropuerto de Girona in Spain, intending to investigate the coordinates bought with their friend’s life that showed a Count Magot-owned laboratory in the Principality of Andorra. They stowed their gear in a rented Land rover and headed out.

Arriving near the Gray Mobility Systems grounds and buildings, they reconnoitered the area. Seeing the number of guards and employees, they decided to wait until dark after most of the employees left. While waiting, they watched as a Boeing model 234 tandem-rotor helicopter landed on the largest building. Two figures resembling Alexander and Unser Magot exited the helicopter and were met by a third robed figure. The three of them entered the building.

Acting on an idea just crazy enough to work, Déclán left and returned with two rented hanggliders. Together, Cearul and Déclán leapt off the hillside and glided towards the laboratory roof; Cearul with the grace of a hawk and Déclán with the effort of a summer-fattened goose.

Cearul landed and timed his momentum perfectly to release his snaps and roll into the helicopter’s main cabin. Three guards, who were sitting at a table, looked up in surprise and two died before they could draw their weapons. Déclán landed hard, tearing himself free of the straps and aluminum framing of the glider, then bullrushed into the cabin to finish off the third guard and sweep the lovely stewardess off her feet and into his arms. Déclán then brusquely choked the shocked stewardess unconscious before helping himself to the well-stocked bar. Cearul’s quick search of the helicopter showed no one else, but also revealed one of the three dead was the pilot.

Cearul and Déclán entered the building and carefully made their way to the basement. They disabled the emergency generators and shut off the building’s power. Cearul and Déclán ambushed and killed several pairs of guards investigating the power loss. Déclán wiped out a group of guards entering through the front door, while Cearul dropped another pair of guards down a hallway. Cearul discovered an area of the lab under power.

Cearul and Déclán moved into this new area and decided that the large double doors at the end of this new hall were most interesting. Déclán brashly kicked open the doors before looking in, and the pair were confronted by old enemies and an unknown robed man. Fire giants and armed guards flanked Alexander and Unser Magot, and the robed man stood with tall statues of two perfect men and one woman. Between the two groups was a Soviet T-72 tank, with its turreted main gun already turning towards Cearul and Déclán.

The robed figure called out, “Scions! A perfect test for the weapon.” Déclán sensed this man had a greater Legend than him, but not near to the levels of The Dagda. Cearul dove right into the room as the tank’s main gun erupted in flame. At the same moment, Déclán picked up a drum of sand and hurled it at the tank’s screaming cannon-shell. The drum deflected the tank’s round, and its detonation shredded the wall and ceiling high over Déclán’s head. All mortal guards were knocked to the ground and deafened.

Using the smoke as cover, Déclán leapt up onto the catwalks. Somehow, the tank sensed Déclán and begins to raise its main gun. Cearul ran past the Magots and the fire giants, drawing their attention. Another tank blast blew part of the catwalk through the roof as Déclán leapt onto the tank only to discover the hatch was welded shut, but he noticed that on the hatch was the same symbol as the fire giant’s weapons. The giants drew their glowing blades, and the Magots each found an automatic weapon. While the giants pursued Cearul, the Magots laughed and haphazardly fired their weapons at him. The machine gun on the tank’s turret unexpectedly aimed and fired without a hand on its trigger, forcing Declan to dodge its bullets. Déclán threw an axe at Robey McRoberstien and one of the statues knocked it from the air. Cearul drew the giants apart, reversed his movement and dove back, wounding the nearest giant. Drawing on an inner reserve of power, Déclán swung his mighty axe onto the tank’s main gun barrel. The barrel was slightly dented. The second giant moved, in but Cearul was Untouchable. Cearul wounded another giant, but was unable to bring it down. Unable to hit Déclán, the turret rotated towards Cearul. In a moment of frozen time, the giants, Cearul and Robey McRoberstien were within the tank’s firing arch as smoke and flame erupted from its barrel. When the smoke cleared, the fire giants were bits of bloody flesh and the pockmarked statues protected Robey McRoberstien. Cearul was untouched. The damaged tank barrel failed, and a backblast knocked Déclán to the ground.

Cearul and Déclán took in the situation: the tank was unarmed; the fire giants were all dead; Robey McRoberstien still yelling his hatred of Scions; and then Alexander and Unser Magot tossed away their smoking weapons and advanced on the pair.

Cearul leapt into the catwalks. Unser followed him, pulling his familiar daggers from his belt. Alexander shed his clothing like shedding a layer of skin while he moved towards Déclán. Cearul and Unser dueled over and under the catwalks like water over stones. Déclán raised his axe as a nude Alexander strode towards him, when suddenly Alexander’s legs detached from his torso, one arm flew free, and the remaining torso, arm and head fell to the ground. Each limb rolled, leaped and launched itself at Déclán. Déclán was speechless.

Meanwhile, Cearul wounded Unser and forced him to his knees. Cearul moved in for the kill but didn’t see Unser’s ploy; Cearul’s right-handed dagger was disarmed but Unser was unable to stop the left hand. It struck deep, and Unser dissolved into goo and dripped through the catwalk on to the floor below. Déclán flailed as fists, jaws and feet bit and battered him from all sides. Grabbing an arm, Déclán beat the torso into goo and threw a leg under the treads of the rolling tank, totally crushing it. The pieces of Alexander dissolved into goo, expect for the arm, which continued to flail and claw. Déclán put the arm into a sack and tied it up.

Cearul and Déclán grouped up while Robey McRoberstien silently glared at them. The tank moved on its tracks, making an effort to run the Scions down. Robey McRoberstien picked up several canisters then used a cell phone appearing device and moments later the tank stopped and heavy black smoke poured from beneath it. Déclán picked up one canister. Cearul and Déclán leaped into the catwalk and out the hole in the roof into the helicopter. They saw law enforcement lights in the distance, and the perimeter guards had surrounded the building on all sides. Déclán puzzled out the helicopter controls and they took off. From the building below, they saw a vehicle burst through a wall and make a leap into the air, which took it far out of sight. It looked like the three marble statues had melded together and formed into a four-legged, four-armed vehicle. Robey McRoberstien sat in the vehicle.

Realizing that they couldn’t fly off in the helicopter, they intentionally crashed it into a nearby hillside. Cearul and Déclán snuck back to their Land Rover and drove off. New questions were raised. Who was the Robed Man? How was he related to Prometheus? What were the Magots and Robey McRoberstien going to do with more of those tanks?

One of Déclán’s old rivals may be the only one who knows some of the answers – Cosmo Papadopoulos, Scion of Ares.

Session 5
XP: 5

Cearul and Déclán returned to the South Warren to Trog warriors’ cheers. They learned that after they left to kill the Queen, additional massive worms burst forth from the walls and floor, leading to a desperate battle. Scouts returned with news that the West Warren was overrun with many casualties, while the Water Well and Ley Line had successfully repelled the foul enemies.

Cearul and Déclán checked on each of the debtors. Abban bore cuts and bruises, and was found dozing behind some rubble. Cheryl used her budding powers to summon an elemental of earth to provide healing herbs to the wounded. She told Cearul and Déclán that Liz’th requested that she stay behind to study as an acolyte. Bree was found sitting next to a badly wounded Oscar. Ben Smith, real name Monty Cogan, had demanded to leave the warrens and had been escorted out.

Cearul and Déclán spent hours helping the Trogs clear rubble, gathering the dead, and lending energy to Liz’th to assist her in the cleansing of the Ley Line. Liz’th presented Cearul and Déclán with a geode, telling them to break it open if they were to ever need her help. She also requested that Cearul and Déclán take a Trog with them as a pledge to serve them for 13 new moons. They chose Zin’th, a shaman acolyte.

Cearul and Déclán and the remaining debtors left the warrens. Oscar was taken to hospital and Abban left for home. Zin’th, cloaked in the seeming of a young woman, was introduced to the Scion’s home, where fish-out-of-water hilarity occurred: the Scions do not sleep in a pile, Zin’th gets her own room; bedrooms do not need nests of branches and dirt, Zin’th sleeps in a bed; things do not belong to everyon, yet Zin’th went into Cearul’s bedroom, found a handgun, and accidentally put a hole in the wall.

Cearul and Déclán discussed things with Red Robert and decided that he may stay and work for them. They gave him some cash and a way to order his materials to begin work with his forge. Déclán asked Robert to make a spear for Zin’th, and Déclán asked him to design a better throwing axe. Robert requested that he be able to use the fire giant’s sword as a means of self defense, if needed, and makes a discovery about it. By investing a bit of his own energy into the sword, the blade glowed a deep red and was able to cut through stone and metal with ease. Cearul, Déclán and Robert noted the forger’s mark on the blade and wondered what it meant.

Cearul and Déclán researched Monty Cogan, intent on helping the Walsh brothers get their mine back. Cearul and Déclán learned that Monty, along with his deceased partner Joshua Small, owned Silver Apex mines in nearby Toorard. At the mine, Cearul and Déclán met Dann Ohearn and Jim Moncayo and learned that Monty shut down the mine and laid off the workers. Cearul and Déclán offered employment to the unemployed pair and the other workers. The offer was accepted.

With the pair’s help, Cearul and Déclán tracked Monty down to his flat in Galway. They found Monty already packed, intending to head to Dublin to get away from this crazy area. With measured intimidation, Cearul and Déclán convinced Monty to sell the mine at a reduced price. Their lawyer Abraham Goldbaum helped speed the sale along. Monty was then escorted to the airport and put on the next flight out of Ireland.

Cearul and Déclán decided to investigate the laptop computer. Lacking the necessary skills to crack the laptop’s security, they each contacted a colleague from G4S. Cearul’s contact Garry Safer did not respond, while Déclán’s contact Bunny Maychin did answer. Déclán arranged to meet Bunny in London. The pair flew in Déclán’s Stinson 108-3 to London and took a cab to the Grazing Goat. Bunny arrived with her cousin and roommate Rachael Drennen. After a nice dinner, they returned to Bunny’s flat and each had an evening of intimacy.

The following morning, Rachael left for work and Cearul, Déclán and Bunny got down to business. Déclán was watching the match and Cearul was watching over Bunny’s shoulder when she exclaimed, “I almost have it,” when the laptop’s screen exploded, plastering the top of Bunny’s head against the wall. Cearul and Déclán were shocked and stunned but recovered and called emergency services, intending on playing ignorant. A single bit of information was visible on the ruined screen before the laptop died: 42-34-15-01/1-43-25-17. The police arrived and interviewed Cearul and Déclán and asked them to wait in the patrol car.

A familiar G4S face appeared and spoke to the officer. Cearul and Déclán were released into the care of Grady Krol, G4S internal affairs. Grady tookthem to a nearby pub and assessed the situation. Cearul and Déclán assured Grady that G4S was not involved. Grady told them to keep a low profile and be available, then he left.

Cearul and Déclán look up the numbers (42-34-15-01/1-43-25-17) and learned that they were coordinates to a Gray Mobility Systems (a Count Alexander Magot owned business) laboratory in Andorra. They made preparations to fly there in order to investigate what it was that cost Bunny Maychin her life.

Session 4
XP: 5

The Troglodytes introduced themselves as Liz’th High Shaman of the Four Warrens and Ber’ta, Protector of the Warrens. The Trogs explained they found a queen white worm of the earth near their Warrens and they were humbly requesting Cearul and Déclán’s help in defense. Liz’th said that soon the queen would breed enough worms that they would spread out corrupting the ley lines, glade and surrounding lands. Cearul and Déclán agreed to help.

Liz’th shrank them down to Trog size and they followed on Cearul’s ravens. Liz’th and Ber’ta led them to their underground Warren. Cearul and Déclán were given a tour of the common, sleeping, food and egg crèches of this southern Warren by Car’da the Warrenkeeper. She explained there were three additional warrens (east, west and north), a water source and the ley line focus. The ley lines were kept in tune by the shamans, the warrens were protected by the warriors, and kept clean, stocked in food and the young raised by the drudges.

Soon, more mortals arrived and Liz’th said these were debtors – people for whom the Trogs have done favors and now they were calling in their debt. The first was an American woman named Cheryl Abraham. She lived in nearby Fanore and the Trogs refined a small ley line on her property. The next was the familiar face of Abban Dougan. He was a young man in Siobahn’s class and they were often seen together. The next was a dour-faced man named Ben Smith. The Trogs gave him the location of silver ore in his nearby mine. Liz’th pointed to a skull on her belt and explained that this was Ben’s partner who was unwilling to pay his debt. Finally, Oscar and Bree Walsh arrived. They were a pair of brothers and miners. They were not here to pay off a debt but rather to help the Trogs. The Walsh Brothers recognized Ben and threatened to pound his face in because he stole their mine.

Cearul and Déclán and the debtors talked, excepting Ben. Déclán helped Abban with his spear. Cearul, concerned about Ben’s willingness to put himself in danger, took him to the mousery and told Ben to kill mice so as to judge his ability and help him overcome his fear. Ben attempted to bribe Cearul by offering him money and even his mine if Cearul were able to convince the Trogs to allow him to leave. Cearul led him along but was interrupted by calls to battle. The scouts returned and the Queen’s worms were moments behind them.

Cearul and Déclán led the charge to the passage as the worms burst into the room. Ben hung to the rear while Abban and the Walsh Brothers took the right flank along with Liz’th and her shaman acolytes. Cearul opened fire with his pistol and Déclán swung his mighty axe, each dropping the worms by the group. The left flank began to crumple. Liz’th and her shamans caused stone to flow from the wall and floor, half sealing the worm’s entry. Cearul and Déclán focused on the left, bringing it back in line. A rush of larger worms shattered the stone blockage and the fighting grew more desperate, yet the line held. Abban was lost from sight but rescued by Cearul. Bree Walsh fell with a wound to his leg but was pulled to safety by his brother. Many of Ber’ta’s warriors were wounded or killed. Cearul, fed up with Ben’s lack of willingness to fight, tossed him clear over the front line of worms and into the passage. Ben stood and fought for his life. Liz’th and her acolytes caused a section of the passage to fall away, giving a brief respite to her warriors and a chance to kill the remaining worms.

Cearul and Déclán charged down the passage, betting each would be the one to land the killing blow to the queen, but were blocked a massive worm. A second massive worm erupted from under the Trog’s battle lines. Cearul returned and cut down the rear worm while Déclán leapt into the forward worm’s mouth and choked it with his feet and axe.

Cearul and Déclán charged down the passage, cutting down a dwindling stream of worms, until they found the Queen’s chamber. The Queen’s chamber was massive – high ceilings and wider and longer than three football pitches. It was lit by a grey glow from the writhing living worms which made up the chamber’s wall, floor, ceiling and supporting pillars. Far down the chamber, the massive Queen lay stretched out. Her body was thicker than a four-lane road, and her length was hundreds of feet. Cearul and Déclán leapt through the chamber, each to an opposite side of the worm, and lay in with their weapons, finding each blow cut deeper into her flesh. The Queen squirmed and rolled, attempting to knock the attackers loose. The knives and axe cut deeper into greasy flesh and tough sinew, creating a man-sized opening which Cearul and Déclán jumped into, and pulling their way in deeper.

Cearul pushed his way into a smaller chamber just as he saw a pair of feet pop through the ceiling of the rolling room. Déclán shoved his way into the chamber. On the opposite side, Cearul and Déclán saw Alexander Magot, or at least his torso, arms and head protruding from the wall. Four tentacles lashed from the wall and attacked Cearul and Déclán. Cearul dodged in close and cut tentacles while Déclán threw his hand axes. Déclán ended the Queen’s life with a hand-axe to Alexander Magot’s head, and the chamber began to shake more violently.

Cearul and Déclán each dove into their own hacked wound in the worm’s sides. Déclán reached the outside of the worm’s body first and leapt towards the passage as the chamber around him collapsed into a shower of dead worms. Cearul pulled himself free to see Déclán leaping far overhead and focused himself in his speed and set off across the chamber. Cearul and Déclán tie crossing into the passage before Cearul zoomed ahead. The two of them set off for the Warrens to see how their allies had fared.

Session 3
XP: 5

The pale frightened woman was Erin Becket, one of Robert’s nearby neighbors. Shaking with shock and panic, she told the group a large white wolf took her son from his room, then said to her in English that her son would die unless the “fast one” staying with Robert came to fight him, tooth against knife.

Robert comforted Erin while Cearul and Déclán drove to her house. Cearul leapt on to the roof while Déclán searched the inside of the house and helped himself to some beer. Cearul saw a thick hedge on the back of the property and jumped down to investigate. Déclán made himself a sandwich and checked out the boy’s bedroom.

Through an opening in the hedge, Cearul saw the wolf holding the boy over the lip of a well. The wolf dropped the boy and ducked out of sight behind the well. Cearul leapt into the well, believing the boy may drown in the well’s water. Cearul was surprised when the boy’s head came off in his hands, revealing the wolf duped him with a dummy. With a rain of debris and an overhead crash, the wolf pushed a heavy rock over the well’s opening.

Déclán heard the crash and darted to the backyard. Seeing the unusual sight of a boulder over the remains of a well, he threw the heavy boulder away and avoided the wolf’s leaping attack. Now facing both Cearul and Déclán, the wolf tried an escape jump past Déclán but was not quick enough, and Déclán eviscerated it with a single swipe of Dílleachta-Déantóir. The dying wolf’s leap took it through the hedge where Cearul found its body, and he cut off its head. Cearul and Déclán took the wolf’s paws and hide. Cearul easily tracked the boy’s scent to a nearby cave where he avoided a grenade trap. The boy, Travis, was freed and returned to his mother at Robert’s house.

Cearul and Déclán agreed to let Red Robert stay at their house a short time while he decided what to do next. Soon after arriving home, Déclán’s phone rang. The Dagda asked the boys if they’d like a good fight and maybe a little B&E. He told them to bring €10K to Donnybrook in Dublin. Cearul and Déclán geared up and met the Dagda at the appointed place.

The Dagda took them to the grand Magot House as he explained how Count Alexander Magot and his son Unser had taken over the Dublin underground boxing scene and were rigging fights. Boys from one of the Dagda’s sponsored gyms, Spartan Boxing, have been badly hurt. The Dagda tells Déclán he will box in a match while Cearul breaks or bluffs (as Unser has a love of sharp knives) his way into Count Magot’s office and steals money from his safe.

The group enters the Magot House grounds and is led to the greenhouse-cum—boxing arena. Cearul and Déclán see the spectators and boxers are criminal, Scanger-types and a few legend-radiating formorians. The Dagda comments offhandedly not to worry, as he was preventing anyone from seeing their true legendary natures, and that neither of them should reveal their own natures until “the time was right.”

Cearul decided to use Unser Magot’s love of unique knives to arrange a meeting where he will feign an interest in selling or buying knives. Déclán is fighting in round three against the Dragon. The Dragon is a fighter who has hurt most of the boxers. The Dagda says the Dragon’s opponents are not “right” after their fights. Cearul is led to meet with Unser in his father’s office. They talk about their lives; Cearul talks about his military career and states he may be available for hire. Unser tests Cearul’s knowledge and skill with knives by showing inferior blades. Cearul tells Unser to bring out the real knives.

Meanwhile, Déclán and the Dragon took the ring and round three begins. In the first round, Déclán took the Dragon’s heaviest hits and stood steady. In the second round, Déclán turned to showboating and won over the spectators and succeeded against the Dragon, landing more hits. Déclán ended the second round with a massive blow against the Dragon sending him back on his heels.

Round three began with Déclán continuing to win over the crowd with his underdog stubbornness, while the Dragon’s demeanor changed from anger to a smug satisfaction. The Dragon’s tattoos unexpectedly glowed in an ugly green and Déclán felt his mind being pulled away from his body. Heeding his father’s wishes, he didn’t resist and found himself standing in a dirty alleyway of a foreign metropolis. The Dragon assaulted Déclán’s mind with images of dying unacknowledged in battle against the Titans. Déclán shrugged off his deepest fear and took control of the nightmare realm. Déclán overwhelmed the titanspawn and his consciousness returned to the boxing ring. There is no question to any present what he was, anymore.

Meanwhile, Cearul maneuvered Unser to a vulnerable position and launched his surprise attack. The two duelled with their knives’ around the office, with Unser taking several minor wounds while Cearul remained untouched. Unser made an unexpected call to the antique armor to defend him. The armor moved, stepping down from its pedestal, revealing mini guns in its arms and opened fire. Cearul evaded this additional foe as the office’s interior was shredded by bullets. Cearul struck Unser a mortal wound. Unser dissolved into a puddle of grey goo.

The Dragon charged Déclán and Déclán hit him hard enough to send him flying through the far glass wall of the outhouse. Alexander Magot stood and shouted “Scion!”. Déclán charged Alexander but was delayed by minions. A tremendous roar and explosion from the parking lot caused everyone to duck and scatter as asphalt, stone and cars began to rain down on the house and boxing ring. Through the dusts and smoke, a massive white wyrm was seem towering over the ruins of the parking lot, having burst from the ground beneath it. From the smoke, the Dagda leapt onto the wyrm’s back wielding a midsized car in each hand yelling, “This one is mine, boyo! You get that one!”

Cearul dodged the armor’s grenade launchers, retrieved the items from the safe as the house shook and shuddered from car impacts and leaped out of the window.

The Dragon pulled his bloodied body from the rubble and charged Déclán. Déclán finished off the Dragon as Alexander Magot approached him. Déclán charged Alexander, who exploded in a mass of white maggots covering Déclán. Déclán fell to the ground rolling in the burning rubble to dislodge the burrowing maggots.

The wyrm bellowed a dying roar as it fell across the remains of the boxing ring and the Magot House. Déclán and Cearul headed towards the truck, meeting a grinning and dirty Dagda. The three of them hastened away before the authorities arrived. They found a familiar pub nearby for food and drink.

Returning home the next day, the boys puttered around the house, checking messages (none), beer (plenty) and sports scores. That night while watching television, they saw a bat fly into the living room, then upstairs. They followed it into Déclán’s bedroom, where it landed on a table. Dismounting from the bat were two tiny upright lizard-people. Speaking in Gaelic, they said, “Caretakers of the glade and surrounding lands, we request your help.”

Session 2
XP: 5

Cearul McKenna and Déclán ó Conghaile are headed north following the instructions of the Dagda to investigate the three killings in the County Galway near the village of Oakfield. A fire giant is suspected. They happen on a funeral procession and decide to pay their respects to the deceased. Following them to a home, they introduce themselves to the people. They learn the dead family is the O’Deas and killed in a car crash nearby – father, mother and one son. Their second son Barry was not in the car. During the wake, Cearul overhears a man named Oscar speaking with the Father. Oscar tells how walking home that night from the pub he witnessed the fiery Devil himself rising from the ground to throw the O’Deas’ car from the road and down the hillside. Cearul talks Oscar down before he makes a bigger scene. Déclán befriends the orphaned Barry and encourages his growing strength to make his deceased father proud. Having learned the location of the car wreck, they leave.

Cearul and Déclán find the burned out car wreck and immediately notice suspicious signs. The tire skid marks show the car was attempting to go in reverse and the hillside slope is not steel enough for the number of times the car rolled. Three individual giant sized footprints are seen in the area and moving off parallel to the road. The scions follow and see the prints end at the tire tracks of a large dual wheeled vehicle. A Gardai vehicle with its sirens on flies by and spurs them to follow it.

The Gardai leads them to a house fire near Pollagh. Cearul and Déclán leap into action. Cearul circles the house, finds a car with burned bodies in it, the home’s fuel tank torn from its foundation and then sees the flames completely surrounds the house on all sides They both hear cries of help from the home’s second floor. Déclán clears away a boulder blocking the front door. Cearul leaps into an upper window and escorts three children downstairs. The kids tell Cearul their brother is scared, armed and hiding from the ‘big men’. Cearul returns upstairs to find the remaining kid. Déclán, hearing a crash nearby, finds a burning tree has fallen on the house. He throws the tree away. Cearul finds the kid as Déclán leaps through the window into the same room. Together, they convince the shotgun wielding child they are not his enemies. The kid runs down stairs and outside and the two of them follow. Cearul and Déclán overheard the kids talking to the Gardai saying the men who started the fire were ‘bigger than Red Robert”. They find the three familiar giant sized prints outside the house and follow them to the same truck tire tracks near the road. Cearul and Déclán get their truck and drive on towards Oakfield but arrive in Upper Dangan first.

Upper Dangan is a small village with the usual food and feed store, petrol station and pub. Déclán enters the pub Amber House for a quick drink and asks the bartender about Red Robert. The bartender relates Red Robert is the local smith and is well liked by the townsfolk. He gives Déclán directions to Red Robert’s house nearby. Cearul and Déclán drive there.

Red Robert’s property shows a house, smaller barn with a horse wagon outside and a larger modern barn with smoke rising from its chimney. Cearul circles the area and finds nothing suspicious. Déclán knocks on the barn door. Red Robert answers. They engage in tense conversation with the scions making it clear they suspect him of the local deaths. Cearul notices to his surprised the ghost of an adolescent girl perches on Red Robert’s shoulder. Their conversation is interrupted by three fire giants revealing themselves and calling challenge from the top of the driveway. The lead giant quips “And the time is now.” as a whump is heard in the distance. Armed with massive swords, the giants charge.

Cearul moves towards the house pursued by the giantess swinging her flaming braided hair while Déclán meets the charge head on with thrown axes. Robert braces himself. Two of the giants engage Déclán and Robert in hand to hand combat. Cearul moves behind the house firing his weapons while the pursuing giantess leaps onto its roof. Cearul reverse his direction and joins Déclán and the giantess follows. The tangle of fists, feet and axes shows the three giants are focused on killing Robert the “traitor”. Combined with Robert’s willingness to fight as a team, gives the edge to Cearul and Déclán who chip away and cut the three giants to the ground, killing them all. Cearul’s ravens return warning him of three more giants in Oakfield. The three of them jump into the truck and head towards the town.

The petrol station is an inferno. Robert jumps from the truck and engages the fire giant at the fiery petrol station. Déclán goes through a giant-sized hole in the pub. Cearul move to higher ground on a house to use his sniper rifle. Déclán engages a giant within the pub. The giant swings a bar at him and he dodges. The giant then tears the second floor supports attempting to bury Déclán within the rubble. Déclán deftly moves free of the rubble and downs the giant with his axe. Cearul is warned at the last moment by his ravens, barely dodging the attack from a massive white wolf. Cearul and the wolf play cat and mouse across the house’s roof and inside before Cearul avoids the wolf’s trap using the home’s natural gas stove. Déclán downs a human minion with an axe. Seeing another fire giant dozens of yards away, he picks up a full keg of beer and lobs towards the giant taking her down. Robert has killed the fire giant at the petrol station. The white wolf is nowhere to be seen.

Cearul and Déclán help the arriving Gardai and fire tenders with the wounded. Despite all the damage and gun fire, only a single fire tender driver was killed. Cearul comments to Robert about the ghost on his shoulder. Robert turns pale, wide eyed and runs off towards his house without a word. Cearul and Déclán follow. Over hours of conversation, it is revealed Red Robert is actually Rurbur of the Molten Skewer Clan. He betrayed his clan and his lord Surtr. After years of serving his lord faithfully, it was on a mission that he slew the little sister of a scion that he realized he no longer wanted part of the death and destruction. He left the clan, hid, and ran and then found a home in Upper Dangan to live in anonymity. Now, with the knowledge the little girl is with him, Robert wonders if his change of heart was from within himself or from the girl and what will happen if the girl’s ghost is banished. When questioned by Cearul, the ghost answers only “He is mine.” Robert says since the servants of Surtr found him, he will leave Upper Dangan as soon as possible and asks if he may accompany Cearul and Déclán.

Cearul and Déclán accept Red Robert’s offer for food and a room for the night. They eat and drink well into the night only to be interrupted by a knock on the barn door. It a pale frightened woman who says, “The white wolf has my son. He says he will meet the fast alone tooth against knife or my son dies.”

Session 1
XP: 5

Cearul McKenna and Déclán ó Conghaile receive a call from their neighbors Carol and Bennie asking for help with their car which is stuck in the mud. They gather gravel and beers and drive the short distance to their neighbor’s house. They arrive and Déclán picks up the car and they fill the hole with gravel. Carol invites them inside for drinks and friendly bantering and bets over football. They leave.

In the middle of the night, they are woken up by the sound metal shearing and glass breaking. Cearul gatherings his weapons and Déclán leaps from the window to the yard. Their truck is smashed and on its side. Déclán spots a small human-like creature running in terror. Cearul sees what appears to be an unfamiliar fallen tree near the truck. A vine whips from the ground dragging the little man to the ground. Déclán severs the vine, grabs what he recognizes is a little brownie and toss it away telling it to flee. Cearul rushes the fallen tree. The tree rises from the ground and reveals itself to be a creature. It appears as twenty-five feet tall, two thick trunk-like legs, bark like skin, arms and branches protruding from its back. Many more shrieking brownies dangle from vines attached to its branches.

Cearul leapt onto its back and cut it with his knives. Déclán slashed mighty wounds into its legs with his axe, Dílleachta-Déantóir. As it took wounds, the creature drove its legs into the ground pulling energy from the earth and healing its wounds. Seeing it was losing the fight, the creature called out its surrender. Cearul demanded it release the capture brownies and the creature complies. The brownies flee shrieking into the night. Speaking in English, the creature answered their questions. He is a wood troll named Wortel. He passed through the gate to hunt gnomes, he explains, because the gate was not claimed. He swore an oath, made an offering of gold and gems pulled from the earth and a promise to never return and owe them a single favor. He gave them blood which they stored in an empty soda bottle as a means to contact him. Wortel leaves through the gate.

The next morning, Cearul and Déclán find their truck is repaired better than new. They’ve earned the brownies’ favor. Connor Fitzpatrick, a fellow Scion and mentor, calls and asks them to meet him at the Thistle. The three of them enjoy small talk, beer, whisky and steaks. The roar of a motorcycle announced the arrival of the Dagda who joins the party. Cearul and Connor throw darts. Cearul impresses the crowd by planting darts in the backs of Connor’s darts. Dagda finishes the evening by telling Cearul and Déclán they need to head north in the morning to investigate mortal deaths at the hands of a fire giant.

Per Connor’s instructions, the two of them mark the ownership in their own ways: Déclán pees on trees and Cearul carves symbols on trees. They take a brief journey into Tír na nÓg before returning to the mortal world. They load their equipment into their truck and head north.


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